After Sales Services

We have very thoughtfully names our company as Family&Flats, that after we assist you in either buying or selling, we become a Family. We offer you a bouquet of after sales services

  • Recommendations of different Service Providers like home inspections, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, movers, contractors, landscaper, or interior decorators.
  • Market Updates and Advice: We keep our buyers and sellers informed about local real estate market trends. We also offer advice on strategies for maintaining or increasing the value of the property.
  • Home Valuation Services: We keep you informed about the latest and updated refinancing options for the current mortgage to reduce the interest burden.
  • Educational Resources and Client meet ups: We offer the assiatnbce related to resources to help our clients become more informed on topics like property taxes, home insurance and maintenance.
  • Constant Connection : Last but not the lease, a cordial and healthy relation is important for us and a smile goes a long way.

We are inclined to make this entire journey fruitful, memorable and beyond.

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