Times are changing and progressing and so is the Real Estate sector. Exclusivity typically refers to an arrangement between a property owner or a buyer and a real estate agent or agency where the property owner or buyer grants the exclusive rights to the agent or agency to represent them for selling or buying a property. Most of the clients are willing to take professional services and are looking forward to outsource the entire task to a single agent vide exclusivity. This means that the homeowner or buyer shall remain associated with us and vice-versa during the term of the agreement. We offer the following services if appointed as an exclusive agent to represent the owner of the property

Our Home Selling services include:

  • Benefits for the Seller: By granting exclusivity to us, we can benefit the seller by making dedicated marketing efforts, personalized attention, and professional guidance throughout the selling process. We invest more resources into marketing the property since we will also have a vested interest in securing a successful sale.
  • Benefits for the Buyer: By granting exclusivity to us, we can benefit the buyer by bringing the consistency in price and making sure that they get the same information from all the channels and only genuine sellers are available with us to make a deal.
  • Marketing Efforts: We have the sole responsibility for marketing the property, including listing it on multiple listing services (MLS), promoting it through various channels, arranging open houses, and coordinating showings with potential buyers.
  • Commission: The commission is to be paid to any agent who concludes a sale but in case of an exlusive arrangement, the seller or the buyer can focus on their cose business or job and we take care of the rest. The commission is always paid on a successful sale so all parties are at peace.
  • Duration of Agreement: The duration of an exclusivity is between 2 months to 3 months depending upon the property vertical market and if the property does not sell within the specified timeframe, the agreement may be extended, renegotiated, or terminated.
  • Cancellation Clause: Exclusive listing agreements may be cancelled basis upon the conditions like dissatisfaction or performance or changes in seller or buyer circumstances.

We work as Property SPoC and represent the clients in all aspects. Reducing the hassle of dealing with multiple agents and maintaining a consistent approach are the key take aways from Exclusivity.

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