Mortgage Service

Seeking a loan for the purchase of a real estate needs an expertise and a lot of documentation. Family&Flats has partnered with leading financial institutions, including private and public sector banks, NBFCs, and DSAs to offer mortgage services to the buyers.

Our Mortgage Service services include the following:

  • Helping Borrower's to ascertain their creditworthiness
  • Determining the best lender basis upon the best interest rates
  • Assisting borrowers and lending institution with property documents
  • We assist both borrowers and lenders in.Property Appraisal process to determining the fair market value of the property to get a better idea of the loan amount a borrower may be eligible
  • Assisting the borrowers to refinancing their existing mortgage loans with lower interest rates or change in the term of the loan
  • Assisting the borrowers in taking additional Lines of Credit on exiting loan
Mortgage services play a crucial role in facilitating access to homeownership and real estate investment by providing individuals and businesses with the necessary financing and support throughout the mortgage process.

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